1924 Conn 22B Trumpet in Silver Plate with Gold Wash Bell!

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SKU 1924 Conn 22B
Weight 15.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 12.00
Shipping $35.00

1924 Early Conn 22B trumpet in silver plate with a gold wash bell! This is such an early example of a 22B that the model number isn't even stamped under the mouthpiece receiver (like can be found on later models.) Considering it's age, this horn is in very good condition! There are small dings and scratches from use but the silver plating is still in great condition! The gold wash has faded slightly inside of the bell. The A/Bb quick change stop rod is missing and the pinky ring is not original (a bonus as these early models were built without any pinky ring!)

Here's a nice bit of information from the Conn Loyalist website:

What Conn said in 1928-1930: 
When this trumpet was first designed and manufactured it took the trumpet world off its feet. Just let one of these trumpets get into the trumpet section of an orchestra or band and the whole section would adopt it. When soloists played it people marveled at its pure trumpet tone. Through a constant process of refinement, this trumpet today is the most poupular in the world. Its only rival is the New World Symphony trumpet. 
The success of this superb instrument is due to the fact that it filled an urgent need. Previously the foreign trumpet had been chosen by big artists because of its peculiarly fine trumpet tone. However, these foreign trumpets were so faulty in intonation that users wore themselves out trying to "humor" them and "lip" them into tune. Moreover, they were extremely hard to blow. When the New York Symphony trumpet was put on the market, possessing not only a matchless trumpet tone but also perfect intonation and extreme ease of blowing, it is no wonder it became widely heralded practically over night. 
Only the famous Conn hydraulic expansion process [described and explained on pages 8 and 9], made this fine trumpet possible. Trumpets look pretty much alike on the outside - it's the inside surface which determines the worth of an instrument. Tone waves are very delicate and become distorted and choked whenever the inside surface of the trumpet is wrinkled or wavy, as was true in the foreign trumpets and is true today in inferior makes. The hydraulic expansion process insures a glassy-smooth inside surface, the perfect surface for carrying tone waves. Only Conn trumpets are made by this process and only Conn's possess the perfect inside surface for carrying the tone waves. 
Made in a small bore, the New York Symphony trumpet has a very bright, crystal pure tone. It is brilliant without being "squealy" or "squeaky"; it has great penetrating power without being blatant; it will play pianissimo without faltering or losing its trumpet color; it will play fortissimo without cracking or becoming harsh; it responds with the slightest breath and can be played vigorously all evening without exhaustion. The unparalleled favorite in theater orchestras, dance orchestras, the smaller symphonies and concert bands, and for solo playing