The Martin Handcraft Imperial is my absolute favorite vintage instrument! 

Ian just  brought this one back to life by adding a custom ACB  leadpipe which we copied the Martin pipe (which sadly had red rot, not uncommon with a 80-year-old instrument!).

Other than the replacement pipe the horn is original.  Ian preserved most of the original  finish as well.    There are some cosmetic signs of wear (of course).

Valves  are smooth and free.   Compression is  okay (we use Berp #3  oil on it and have good results.

#2  medium Step bore (similar to Committee).


Do not confuse the later post-committee "Imperials" with this one.   While the latter  Imperial was an intermediate horn this  Handcraft  Imperial was the absolute top of the line of its time for Martin.  



If you wanted a Committee but didn't want to fight the intonation issues of that horn the HCI is a superb option.  In my opinion this is the finest trumpet Martin ever made, rich, warm creamy while still maintaining enough carrying power to play in a  section or even play 1st parts on.



Original mouthpiece is included with this sale, as is the warranty card and such included in the photos. Sold without case


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