Vintage Martin Handcraft Imperial cornet from circa 1941!
HCI 1941
One of my absolutely favorite Vintage horns ever made!   Medium Step Bore #2.   Check out the all-original condition with rebuilt valves and  smooth slides.   Right around the same era as the most desired Handcraft Committee (I personally like the HCI's over the committee horns).


It has a beautiful sound, tight valves for it's age (with Hetman classic they work great), and a superb sound.

The horn plays with a slightly more compact sound than a modern horn but is funky and cool.

Very much like a classic Martin Trumpet feel. The pics on the web store show the overall condition pretty well.

There's some plating wear and signs of usage but for a 80-year old horn it's very good!


Sold with no case but does include the very rare Martin #1 Cornet mouthpiece (most likely original to the instrument).
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Width: 24.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 8.00
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