1946 Olds Super Recording trumpet: The pinnacle of design

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SKU UTPT Olds SR 1946 super recording
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 12.00
Shipping $55.00

 1946  Olds  Super Recording trumpet 


In 7+  years of owning my shop and over twenty years of collecting I have never owned one of these instruments and quite honestly  didn't  understand the hype around them.   I then played  customer's  version of the Super Recording and  was blown away by it.   It was bright,  projecting,  fat, and had an absolutely huge  core to the sound.    


This horn when arrived had very tired valves so we did a bunch of prep work and sent them off to Anderson Silver plating for a complete re-fit, including plugging all the ports.    The horn came back to us with fantastic compression and just plays absolutely ridiculously well.   Be sure to check out the videos on this page of the horn and if you wanted to hear anything particular on the horn please let us know!   We'd be happy to play it for you.


The horn has had a re-lacquer job in the past but whoever did the work did a fine job.   There is no red rot in the  horn at all and all slides are wonderful.  There's one small lacquer  blemish in the in the bell of the  horn but otherwise it is super solid.



 The Super Recording represents the pinnacle of Olds craftsmanship and was the horn that attracted legendary trumpet virtuoso Rafael Mendez to become an Olds artist and later to lend his name to the Mendez model.  The Super Recording was actually known at the time as the "Recording model Super trumpet."  Prior to its introduction  in Olds lineup.

Thus the new model built on the reputation of the Super.

The Super Recording had three different design phases during its 12 year production.  

This represents the middle of the three phases and is the most rare.  

This has the "dual leaderpipe" that is referenced in Olds literature. It has a brass leadpipe with a nickel silver sleeve that is placed over the receiver and leadpipe.  It also has the brass tone ring that is only found on war-time and early post-war models.  In addition to the tone ring engraving, this version has the word RECORDING running lengthwise down the bell tube and into the bell flare. These older Super Recordings also have lighweight bodies (compared to later models) Supers and Super Recordings after sn 19xxx have thicker brass tubing.    


This trumpet clean inside and out.  All slides are smooth.  

Engraving is sharp and clear.




Nickel plated trim and brass lacquer finish
Balanced forward valve section
Nickel silver outer lead pipe
offset middle valve
Brass tone ring (not nickel)
3rd Valve Finger Ring  
3rd valve stop rod assembly
Bell Engraving
Bore: .460" Medium-Large Bore


Here's a slideshow of the horn (be sure to click on the link for full size pics).


Horn is sold with no case or mouthpiece. 


Due to the custom nature of this instrument and it's  rarity the shipping price reflects the amount of insurance needed to safely transit the horn.


There will be NO RETURNS  with no exceptions.    All sales are final. If you have questions please ask before purchasing.  If you want additional photos we would be happy to provide them for you.


 If you would like to try the horn you can visit our shop to try it. 



For a bit more info on  Olds check out my friend Robb Stewart's  page.