ACB Doubler's dual Trigger Large Bore Shepherd's crook cornet

Austin Custom Brass
$595.00 $449.99 (You save $145.01)
Weight 11.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 8.00
Shipping $0.00

ACB  Doubler's  dual  Trigger  Large Bore  Shepherd's  crook cornet

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It took us a bit of time to tweak these to the point where we'd be comfortable selling but after a bunch of trial cornets (most which ended up returned to the warehouse)  these horns are a keeper!  Perfect with a short shank mouthpiece (the ACB  short shank cornet mouthpiece is pictured)   this horn has a wonderfully rich sound and very smooth response.   It has a .468 bore, a standard throat 4 3/4  inch bell, and dual triggers.   This is a perfect option for the player who just signed up for Brass Band and doesn't want to spend 3-4K  on a world-class cornet.   Check this horn out!





New review from Elmo (7.11.17):

ACB Doubler’s  Cornet – a review

Rating: 5 Stars

This cornet is a fine instrument.  The valve action is fast and crisp, the horn slots well and the range is excellent.  Josh was certainly right when he told me it was unbeatable at this price point.  I own a number of cornets (purchased used) that all play well, but not better than this one.  This will be my number one pick for my work in parades (over ½ dozen each summer) and for performances of my Dixieland Band, which performs many times per year.   I am perfectly satisfied with the Doubler’s!


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Way better than I had hoped
Written by Brian Carr on 10th Oct 2017

Plays very easily and free. Intonation is pretty solid, but a touch flat in the normal 3rd partial for me. The most important part is the quality of sound is spot on. Blend is very easy with the other cornets playing pro-quality instruments. This horn, well out-performs its price.

Very Nice Cornet!
Written by undefined on 21st Jun 2016

This instrument feels like a much more expensive cornet than the price tag shows. The large bore and dual triggers are wonderful. The tone is great and I'm very pleased with the ease of the higher register. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Written by undefined on 21st May 2016

This is well balanced and fits my smaller hand well - which is what I wanted. Plays nicely in tune with no work, which is good because I play more F Horn and euphonium than trumpet / cornet. Lovely tone and will work well for the small spaces and church work I will use it for. Thank you.