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Austin Custom Brass  "Doubler's"  Flugelhorn in RED  Brass




Update 4/4/17


Our most recent shipment is in the US but held up in Customs. We are working round the clock with Customs to get this batch released (and with our supplier to find better ways to get the horns to us). We do suggest to reserve a horn as this batch is mostly sold out and will sell quickly.  All pre-orders up to this date will be shipped as soon as we have the horns (and have finished play-testing). 


 Please call or email us if you have any additional questions.  




Up for sale is an exciting line of  budget-friendly custom instruments designed for doubling.  This flugel possesses a  red brass bell  in 5.95 inches and a .433 bore.  The slightly smaller bell and slightly larger bore make these horns easy to switch to from your trumpet or cornet work.  Once I receive this instrument I perform a few custom alterations including a  precision valve alignment, custom spring adjustment,  new leadpipe, extensive play-testing and more before we ship out to you.


    This is the best value horn you can find!  The horn comes with a nice Pro-Tec style gig bag and generic, non-ACB manufactured  mouthpiece (equivalent to a 3C diameter with a standard flugelhorn depth).   


Please note international shipping will be an additional fee (usually $40-50 extra depending on the country for priority transit).  Contact us via email prior to ordering)


Below is  a video of the ACB  Doubler's  Flugel.


















Current Stock:
Weight: 8.00 LBS
Width: 24.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 8.00

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Very impressed

I love the sound and tone that this horn brings me. As a student, it helps having a personal flugelhorn for different gigs around the school such as musicals or orchestras. It is very good for students because it is so affordable for such great sound. My only small complaint is that i believe orders got backlogged so it took a few months to arrive and there was no shipment tracking or estimated arrival time. However when we called the store to find out where the orders were, they explained the situation very respectfully and professionally. Great customer service, and I have no problem with the wait for the horn because of it. Would buy again

Another satisfied customer

This horn is wonderful! All of the recommendations and accolades are spot on, and well deserved!! And great people to deal with as well. Thanks for making an instrument like this available. It's exactly what I thought it would be.

Great Horn!

I was skeptical about the quality of a horn under $1000 but after some research and conversations with my buddies who've had experience with Trent and his team, I pulled the trigger and bought it! This horn plays with a full, rich sound. It has vibrancy to the tone that you would normally find in much more expensive brands. The valves are surprising fast and free - not what one would expect from a lower priced model. If you decide to make the purchase I would suggest two things: 1. Swap out the mouthpiece. While the model they provide works, it's very basic. I found the horn to play better with a mouthpiece that better matched my playing. (Yamaha Bobby Shew) 2. The case works but it is also very basic. I have a Reunion Blues triple that fits the horn nicely. With the upgrades and modifications Trent and his team have made to the horn it's a great buy! Bottom Line: If you're looking for a great playing flugel at a great price, buy it!

ACB Flugelhorn

I've been playing a considerably more expensive, lower quality copy of the same horn the ACB Flugel is based on for a few years now. I just completed 2 gigs last weekend and I can say without a doubt, this is one fine horn. Forget about comparing this to copies, for me it produces much better, richer, smokier tone than the original, especially in the upper register. I wouldn't even play my old knock-off above the staff - it just sounded shrill and thin. The original horn was notably better in the upper register - on the few occasions I played one. This ACB Flugel is better still. As this was my first outing with the ACB Flugel, slotting was different so I need to adjust to it. It has some resistance - I think that's what accounts for the richer tone - but it's not one bit stuffy. It's also substantially heavier than others I've used, again I believe the tone benefits from that as well. On a less musical level, the fit and finish are outstanding. It's a gorgeous horn. Everything worked (I just oiled the valves and played the gigs). The intonation is excellent. I found I rarely needed the 3rd valve tuning slide. I can't wait to play it again. I'll be dumping my old horn on ebay before the rest of the world finds out about the ACB Flugel and renders it worthless). Great horn, great value, worth the wait. Jim Graczyk Salisbury Swing Band

Great horn! Great Price!

One of the better flugels on the market right now. Comparing to instruments 2, 3, even 4 times the price, it responds just as well and has that classic flugel sound in every register.

Great Flugelhorn for the money!

I purchased the ACB Doubler for my wife. We both play in a Swing Band and use our flugelhorns to play duets. She upgraded from a student model and she now matches much closer to my Yamaha Rose Brass 631 with de-lacquered bell. (For a much lower price!) She plays primarily in the low range and the deep dark sound matches her Mezzo Soprano singing voice. (She started playing brass instruments when she lost her singing voice due to surgery) I'm hoping the 1st. Trumpet in our swing band likes it and we can match up better when we all play together. (This horn sounds better then his Jupiter - Don't tell him I said that!) If he does, I'll send him your way. Thanks for making my wife's Christmas a memorable one.

Gorgeous sound, effortless playing

Trent and the team put some magic into this horn. From the moment I picked it up, it felt like it was "built for me". Great intonation and keeps that intonation over a long period of time. Airflow is unimpeded and yet "flugel-like", meaning that I can blow at trumpet strength and get great volume without tone variability. Tone is dark, rich, chocolatey. Valves are fast but precise, and note spacing is perfect. Results in a horn I love to play MORE than my trumpets (maybe I need an ACB trumpet)?

Beautiful horn - outstanding service!

I ordered the ACB Doubler's Flugel with Red Brass Bell for my high school son's 17th birthday after reading so many good reviews of both ACB and the horn on different horn message boards. I called ACB and spoke with Josh, who was exceedingly helpful in explaining what made this Flugel special. I gave my son the option of buying a cheaper horn he found online or buying this one and he chose the ACB. After about a month of practicing with it, he has no regrets and really likes the Flugel. Beautiful instrument, good value, and great service!