ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 selling product at ACB (with new options!)

Austin Custom Brass
$899.99 $619.99 (You save $280.00)
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Weight 8.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 8.00
Shipping $20.00


Austin Custom Brass  "Doubler's"  Flugelhorn

(our #1 selling instrument)





4/5/18  update... the horns are  in the shop!  Finally cleared customs and we're optimizing all orders.   



We have finally found a new company who is going to make our newest generation of ACB  flugelhorn and in many options.  If you pre-order an instrument today you will lock in this price, regardless of the option you choose (which will be additional in the future).   We did an initial order with this new company and cannot be more pleased by the results.   Take advantage of this pre-order special today!


Here are the following options:


Raw Brass  (will develop a nice patina...  some have already developed one in shipment from the factory to our shop...)



Clear Lacquer (our default finish option over the past 8 years)



Satin lacquer finish (we are extremely pleased for this)


 Polished silver plate (gorgeous)








(click the finish tab  when ordering and also write in comment section  your choice at checkout) 


 Please call or email us if you have any additional questions.  




Up for sale is an exciting line of  budget-friendly custom instruments designed for doubling.  This flugel possesses a 6 inch copper bell and a classic flugelhorn bore. The horn is designed to make it easy to switch to from your trumpet or cornet.  Once I receive this instrument I perform a few custom alterations including a precision valve alignment, custom spring adjustment, new leadpipe, extensive play-testing and more before we ship out to you.  We spend at least 2 hours per horn adjusting and play-testing.  The result is a horn that is incredible for a supremely great price!



    This is the best value horn you can find!  The horn comes with a nice Pro-Tec style gig bag and generic, non-ACB manufactured  mouthpiece (equivalent to a 3C diameter with a standard flugelhorn depth).   


Please note international shipping will be an additional fee (usually $40-50 extra depending on the country for priority transit).  Contact us via email prior to ordering.





If you have additional questions send us an email. 


Prior to ordering please check our return policy below:




Also note weight indicated in the ad is shipping weight not actual weight of instrument.