ACB Doubler's Flugelhorn: Our #1 selling product at ACB (with new options!)

Austin Custom Brass
$899.99 $619.99 (You save $280.00)
Weight 8.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 8.00
Shipping $20.00
Expected release date is 1st Mar 2018


Austin Custom Brass  "Doubler's"  Flugelhorn

(our #1 selling product)



They are finally in stock in clear lacquer and raw brass (see additional options which will be back in stock in 2018 email us for delivery dates from our factory)


We have finally found a new company who is going to make a copper bell ACB  flugelhorn and in many options.  If you pre-order an instrument today you will lock in this price, regardless of the option you choose (which will be additional in the future).   We did an initial order with this new company and cannot be more pleased by the results.   Take advantage of this pre-order special today!


Here are the following options:


Clear Lacquer (our default finish option over the past 8 years)


 Raw Brass  (will develop a nice patina...  some have already developed one in shipment from the factory to our shop...)



Satin lacquer finish (we are extremely pleased for this)


Update 11/21  sold out of the first batch  so we can put you on the waitlist for the next orders of Satin lacquered  and silver horns or exchange for a raw or clear lacquered model)




 Polished silver plate


(click the finish tab  when ordering and also write in comment section  your choice at checkout) 


 Please call or email us if you have any additional questions.  




Up for sale is an exciting line of  budget-friendly custom instruments designed for doubling.  This flugel possesses a 5.95 inch bell and a classic flugelhorn  bore.  The slightly smaller bell and slightly larger bore make these horns easy to switch to from your trumpet or cornet work.  Once I receive this instrument I perform a few custom alterations including a precision valve alignment, custom spring adjustment,  new leadpipe, extensive play-testing and more before we ship out to you.  We spend at least 2 hours per horn adjusting and playtesting.  The result is a horn that is incredible for a supremely great price!



    This is the best value horn you can find!  The horn comes with a nice Pro-Tec style gig bag and generic, non-ACB manufactured  mouthpiece (equivalent to a 3C diameter with a standard flugelhorn depth).   


Please note international shipping will be an additional fee (usually $40-50 extra depending on the country for priority transit).  Contact us via email prior to ordering.


Below is  a video of the ACB  Doubler's  Flugel.


















Product Reviews

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Great Flugel at an even better price!
Written by Caleb McDonald on 6th Feb 2018

This is a great horn that plays very well in tune, in all registers. The tone quality is equally excellent. It'll do basically anything you want/need it to do. Thanks ACB, and you have a loyal customer in me!

Beautiful horn, Beautiful sound
Written by Ben on 7th Jan 2018

This horn looks great! It also plays very well and has that nice Flugelhorn sound. I usually have a huge problem with my 4th space E being very flat, not on this horn. It is in tune just as good as my tuning note. This comes at a great value.

Great value!
Written by Gabe Slesinger on 18th Dec 2017

I bought this flugel for the small number of times I need a play flugel on pops shows with a symphony orchestra. It obviously does not pay as well as the top of the line, which cost a few thousand more, but it is totally in the same league with those major brands in the next tier down, which can hover around 1.5 or 2k. Mine came with an ACB flugel mouthpiece (way better than the stock mps which might often accompany a fancier instrument), which completely changes the game for how this instrument plays. So, this is a fantastic deal on a solid instrument. Thank you!

ACB Doubler’s Flugelhorn
Written by Ron H. on 17th Dec 2017

Slots all of the way up. Nice attention to pitch correction (E partials). High pitches are bendable and require a somewhat strong embouchure. Tone is required for this to be a value, and a rich tone gives way to a sweet singing tone up high.

Written by Patrick on 1st Dec 2017

Got 5 of these for my high school program. Look great, play great. I couldn't have afforded to get 5 flugels at a higher price. Well worth it for a school program. Flugels add color changes and nuance to our program now. Josh at ABC was very responsive and helpful. Can't ask for better service.

Excellent horn
Written by Adam Stowe on 29th Nov 2017

Just received my doublers satin lacquer flugelhorn today. The sound is rich and smooth, the slides and valves move effortlessly, and the horn comes in a nice hard case. Plus the satin lacquer finish looks super cool. Very happy I bought this horn!

ACB Doubler Flugelhorn
Written by Robert Cordle on 7th Aug 2017

Short Story - I am very happy with my new ACB Flugelhorn and mouthpiece. I sound like I think I should sound on this combination. The horn is in tune with itself, the notes slot in the expected places, and the sound is buttery - no hard edges. It's what I was looking for in a flugelhorn. Longer story - I play cornet mostly, even in trumpet situations. I subscribe to Warren Vache's theory that it is easier to make a cornet sound like a trumpet than it is to make a trumpet sound like a cornet. And I like the cornet sound better. So when I play flugel, I need to distance myself from my cornet sound, not just a brighter trumpet sound. So far, this horn and mouthpiece combination - TA Lead MDF - gives me what I'm looking for. I have comfort, range, and a big dark sound with round edges. It was immediately noticeable to the other people in my combo that my sound had changed for the better. For reference, I have had a Jupiter 846 with a Curry 1.25 mouthpiece, an Olds L-12 with the same mouthpiece, which I switched out for a Parduba 5 (to match my cornets), and most recently, a very disappointing Courtois with a Curry 630. I knew I liked the ACB horn immediately, but my very old Schilke 13F4 (with my named stamped in it) just didn't feel right switching from cornet. I talked to Josh at ACB about matching my Parduba's (they don't make a large shank flugel mouthpiece) size and rim feel, and he suggested the TA Lead MDF. I'm not Clark Terry, but for a phrase here and there, I can think I am now.

Very impressed
Written by Jack Nagel on 26th Jun 2017

I love the sound and tone that this horn brings me. As a student, it helps having a personal flugelhorn for different gigs around the school such as musicals or orchestras. It is very good for students because it is so affordable for such great sound. My only small complaint is that i believe orders got backlogged so it took a few months to arrive and there was no shipment tracking or estimated arrival time. However when we called the store to find out where the orders were, they explained the situation very respectfully and professionally. Great customer service, and I have no problem with the wait for the horn because of it. Would buy again

Another satisfied customer
Written by Dennis Bartelheim on 12th Jun 2017

This horn is wonderful! All of the recommendations and accolades are spot on, and well deserved!! And great people to deal with as well. Thanks for making an instrument like this available. It's exactly what I thought it would be.

Great Horn!
Written by John on 3rd May 2017

I was skeptical about the quality of a horn under $1000 but after some research and conversations with my buddies who've had experience with Trent and his team, I pulled the trigger and bought it! This horn plays with a full, rich sound. It has vibrancy to the tone that you would normally find in much more expensive brands. The valves are surprising fast and free - not what one would expect from a lower priced model. If you decide to make the purchase I would suggest two things: 1. Swap out the mouthpiece. While the model they provide works, it's very basic. I found the horn to play better with a mouthpiece that better matched my playing. (Yamaha Bobby Shew) 2. The case works but it is also very basic. I have a Reunion Blues triple that fits the horn nicely. With the upgrades and modifications Trent and his team have made to the horn it's a great buy! Bottom Line: If you're looking for a great playing flugel at a great price, buy it!

ACB Flugelhorn
Written by Jim Graczyk on 3rd Apr 2017

I've been playing a considerably more expensive, lower quality copy of the same horn the ACB Flugel is based on for a few years now. I just completed 2 gigs last weekend and I can say without a doubt, this is one fine horn. Forget about comparing this to copies, for me it produces much better, richer, smokier tone than the original, especially in the upper register. I wouldn't even play my old knock-off above the staff - it just sounded shrill and thin. The original horn was notably better in the upper register - on the few occasions I played one. This ACB Flugel is better still. As this was my first outing with the ACB Flugel, slotting was different so I need to adjust to it. It has some resistance - I think that's what accounts for the richer tone - but it's not one bit stuffy. It's also substantially heavier than others I've used, again I believe the tone benefits from that as well. On a less musical level, the fit and finish are outstanding. It's a gorgeous horn. Everything worked (I just oiled the valves and played the gigs). The intonation is excellent. I found I rarely needed the 3rd valve tuning slide. I can't wait to play it again. I'll be dumping my old horn on ebay before the rest of the world finds out about the ACB Flugel and renders it worthless). Great horn, great value, worth the wait. Jim Graczyk Salisbury Swing Band

Great horn! Great Price!
Written by AJ on 10th Jan 2017

One of the better flugels on the market right now. Comparing to instruments 2, 3, even 4 times the price, it responds just as well and has that classic flugel sound in every register.

Great Flugelhorn for the money!
Written by Garry A. Wolfe on 9th Jan 2017

I purchased the ACB Doubler for my wife. We both play in a Swing Band and use our flugelhorns to play duets. She upgraded from a student model and she now matches much closer to my Yamaha Rose Brass 631 with de-lacquered bell. (For a much lower price!) She plays primarily in the low range and the deep dark sound matches her Mezzo Soprano singing voice. (She started playing brass instruments when she lost her singing voice due to surgery) I'm hoping the 1st. Trumpet in our swing band likes it and we can match up better when we all play together. (This horn sounds better then his Jupiter - Don't tell him I said that!) If he does, I'll send him your way. Thanks for making my wife's Christmas a memorable one.

Gorgeous sound, effortless playing
Written by Shyam Kannan on 6th Jan 2017

Trent and the team put some magic into this horn. From the moment I picked it up, it felt like it was "built for me". Great intonation and keeps that intonation over a long period of time. Airflow is unimpeded and yet "flugel-like", meaning that I can blow at trumpet strength and get great volume without tone variability. Tone is dark, rich, chocolatey. Valves are fast but precise, and note spacing is perfect. Results in a horn I love to play MORE than my trumpets (maybe I need an ACB trumpet)?

Beautiful horn - outstanding service!
Written by Martha Threadgill on 2nd Jan 2017

I ordered the ACB Doubler's Flugel with Red Brass Bell for my high school son's 17th birthday after reading so many good reviews of both ACB and the horn on different horn message boards. I called ACB and spoke with Josh, who was exceedingly helpful in explaining what made this Flugel special. I gave my son the option of buying a cheaper horn he found online or buying this one and he chose the ACB. After about a month of practicing with it, he has no regrets and really likes the Flugel. Beautiful instrument, good value, and great service!

Great flugel
Written by RJ on 26th Dec 2016

I've now had this horn for three years, and enjoy it more than the other four flugels I've previously owned. I played it this past Christmas Eveat church and received many compliments on the sound as well as its looks. You will not find any horn in this price range that is this nice!

Wayyyyy too much horn for the price
Written by Jordan Mitchell on 20th Oct 2016

This horn has exceeded my expectations. The amount of playability and great feel this horn has. You should hop on this horn while the prices are still low. Greatest horn under $1000 you can buy.

The sound I need
Written by undefined on 16th Jun 2016

This horn provides the great, resonant, haunting, dark sound that a french horn in the upper or middle registers can have (or an expensive commercial trumpet with an equally expensive mouthpiece) but has the quick, responsive valve action of the commercial trumpet. (Note: it is a flugelhorn so it favors the trumpet over the french horn embouchure.) As other people have said, this horn sounds and plays like a much more expensive instrument. I believe Trent Austin has established a new historical benchmark in musical instruments.

Great Value
Written by Jeff Peters on 16th Feb 2016

As a "comeback" player, I was seeking an affordable flugelhorn, yet of good quality. ACB over-delivers on both fronts with this horn. Very please, and highly recommend.

Great Horn For Quick Switches
Written by Dwight Goetz on 29th Jan 2016

-Plays in Tune -Slots well in center of pitch -I got a nice tone with it with a Bach 1CFL mouthpiece.

Amazing bargain
Written by Alex Almasy on 29th Nov 2015

This is an amazing horn for the price. It slots extemely well and the valve action is great. You just can't go wrong with it!

Great Horn!
Written by Jim Easton on 2nd Nov 2015

I was looking for an attractive and well-priced flugel. I was concerned about buying on the phone but Trent answered all of my questions and gave me confidence in my purchase. The horn arrived quickly in great condition. I played it immediacy and was liked the sound but couldn't spend enough time to really get a total feel of the horn. Now I know it was the right purchase. It has a great finish and valves/slides are all smooth. Intonation is perfect and slotting is very good. Love the feeling my hand. A perfect choice for me. (I'm a 55 year trumpet player in a small pop-jazz combo.). Thanks Trent and ACB!

first-time horn buyer
Written by Carter on 17th Oct 2015

Thanks Trent & ACB! Great looking and sounding horn, agree with all the positive reviews posted. The rose/red brass is pretty!

Upper Register
Written by Norm Sams on 13th Oct 2015

I was concerned when ordering the flugelhorn that the large, deep mouthpiece would make the upper register difficult for me. Hah!! I find myself playing high C, D, and E, easily. All-in-all it's a fine instrument.

Great feel/look for a great price
Written by Kyle Smiley on 25th Sep 2015

I play mostly jazz and pit orchestra stuff. This horn is neither too restricted nor too free-blowing. I can get a nice, dark sound on it; which is what I want for the most part. The red brass is a really nice touch. I'm new to Austin brass, but very happy with the decision.

Written by Ed Cunningham on 24th Sep 2015

bought this for my son, replaced a cheaper horn.e called me yesterday and raved about how it played and sounded

My First Flugelhoen
Written by Roy Prevette Jr. on 18th Aug 2015

When you open the very well packaged horn the first thing you notice is the beauty of the horn(Rose Brass).Very well built with a very pretty dark sound with the mouth piece I already had(Bobby Shew Flugel). I was very pleased with the horn for the price paid. Trent Austin is First Class all around !!!

Nice horn indeed for the price
Written by Jesse Jacobsen on 10th Aug 2015

Having played trumpet since 1980, I'm an amateur musician. The most powerful consideration for me is my tight budget, but I wanted a horn that was maybe a step up in quality and enjoyment from my Conn student trumpet. Also a trombone and baritone player, I was looking for a darker, rounder sound in the trumpet range. After a few weeks, this horn seems to match was I was looking for. Negatives: The valves need a little oil every four or five days with about 10-20 minutes of use per day, which is more often than my 40-year-old trumpet, but not out of bounds. Also, there was a little buffing compound (or something like that) on the right side of the second valve, where the extra tubing makes it hard to reach. At this price, I wouldn't complain about that. Everything else is excellent, and the tone is just beautiful. It plays the whole range nicely, but the lower register, especially below the staff, sounds gorgeous. I'm using it to play with hymns at church, and several people have commented that they prefer the flugel to the trumpet. Considering the ACB Cornet to round out my options and provide more instrumentation for my horn-playing children.

Professional Horn
Written by undefined on 10th Aug 2015

This is a professional level flugelhorn. You would be getting a total steal

Very pleasantly surprised.
Written by undefined on 8th Aug 2015

This horn is everything Trent Austin says it is. A great alternative to more expensive horns. The red brass sounds as one might hope: dark, yet responds easy. A couple of intonation issues, but finding the right mouthpiece will help that. Thanks Trent for making this available to the marketplace.

Written by C. DARRIN FORD on 23rd Jul 2015

So I don't have a lot of extra money now that I am on my last 2 years before retirement. I LOVE playing flugelhorn horn. So I decide to get one as a last horn to keep for good. I have owned $2000 name brands, the $300 China horns and even had an India horn..... (NASTY!). The ACB Doubler's Flugelhorns are miles ahead of that. They are not cosmeticly perfect but are a fantastic sounding horn with smooth even timber. The intonation is very manageable. I got Trint's TAMDF flugelhorn mouthpiece which has a perfect shank to reciever lockup. It is WAY better than the included piece. This horn/mouthpiece combo sounds like a flugelhorn and not like a tubby trumpet, which a lot of flugelhorns do, even very high priced ones. Functionally the horn is perfect. Valve are quick, and the horn has great compression, with solid slide pop. This horn really does produce a pleasing experience that you would expect from a horn costing 4 or 5 times as much. If you are not looking to brag about having brand B, Y, K,T, L, or Z then this is really all you need. A solid great sound horn that works like it should.

If you try one, odds are you'll buy one.
Written by Ben Mostella Jr. on 23rd Jul 2015

After 1/2 hour on long tones, flexibility, and tricky passages that I like to work on, I find this flugel not only easy to navigate compared to my older horn (upper register slotting) but absolutely beautiful in tone and timbre. I must get used to the 3rd trigger but that will come with time (-1 star). I was set on a flugel that costs over trice the ACB Doubler's cost but this horn's a keeper. So glad that I went to the ITG this year because if I didn't I wouldn't have known about Austin Custom Brass! Thanks Trent!

ACB Doublers Flugel horn review
Written by undefined on 9th Jul 2015

Excellent horn! It has great intonation and sloting with a very warm sound. The values are also working very nice. My only critique is the case which is very cheap. I will be upgrading to either a vinyl or leather gig bag.

Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2015

I've owned several flugelhorns over the past 50 yrs. This is more in tune than any I've owned. I love the dark sound. The only reason (s0 far) that I didn't give it 5 stars is the ugly blemish on the inside of the bell. Without that blemish ( I'm a bit picky I know) I'd give it 5 stars. It's hard to beat the price.

Written by Doug Glasson on 18th Jun 2015

I'm a hobbyist who had been looking for a good value-point flugel for some time. Positive reviews and endorsements in online forums led me to the ACB Doubler. While targeted to the affordable range, this horn has a real feel of quality: The valves and trigger were smooth and positive right out of the box. It looks beautiful, is a pleasure to play, and sounds amazing.

Smooth Operator!
Written by Tony Gambaro on 15th Jun 2015

Nice horn overall! Fit & finish seems top notch! Intonation & timbre both just what the doctor ordered! The only thing I would do is use a softer valve spring! The best value in this price point!

My 1st Flugel is a keeper
Written by Kevin Whiting on 12th Jun 2015

Loving the ACB Doubler Flugelhorn. Intonation is excellent, tone is nice and smokey. Valves are good, thinking they should loosen up a little more as I play. CAN'T beat this Flugel for the money - not even close! Nice, nice horn! Thank you Trent.

Nice horn
Written by undefined on 2nd Jun 2015

I played trumpet into high school, then took up guitar. 35 years later I picked up the horn again. I always kind of wanted a flugelhorn but didn't want to spend a lot. I wasn't finding any decent used ones in my price range, but saw the Doubler mentioned on some online forums, so I ordered it. I'm not a pro and can't compare it to very high-end horns, but the Doubler exceeds my expectations. Unfortunately, it makes my old trumpet seem kind of junky!

Great Flugel at Great Price
Written by Glenn on 2nd Apr 2015

My son started playing flugel in some high school pieces. He was sharing a horn with another student that used it for jazz (we needed it for wind ensemble). After much research we decided to purchase the ACB Doubler's Flugel and have zero regrets. He now has a dedicated horn that he can bring home to practice and the flugel sounds great. Thanks!

Ideal and a Great Value
Written by Dave P on 28th Mar 2015

The ACB doubler flugelhorn is ideal for the my needs. I play in the pit for musicals around my area. This Flugel provides a nice depth of tone and is very easy to play. The intonation is good and consistent. Thanks to the TLC provided by Trent and the ACB team this horn is an amazing value and plays better than many far more expensive horns. Thank you to Trent who has a real practical understanding of trumpet playing and trumpet players.

Wonderful Horn, Wonderful Service
Written by Bobby on 23rd Mar 2015

I received my Doubler just in time to have a small acclimation period before playing a pit orchestra gig. There is no better value for a horn out there than this. The intonation is spot on, valve action is great, and it plays like horns worth well more than its listed price. After years of borrowing a Yamaha 631, there was no discernable difference between the two. For a hobbyist player looking for a flugel for the occasional pit, jazz, or church gigs, you need look no further than Trent's ACB Doubler. The service at the shop was also exceptional. They answered all my questions and we're very prompt with responses. All around, a great experience with Trent and ACB.

Best flugel on a budget
Written by James Looney on 7th Dec 2014

I want an Adams one day, but I can last on this for a while. Very nice sound, very versatile flugel. I've used it in Marching band, concert band, brass quintet, jazz band, and theatre pit. It's got a great sound, and looks absolutely beautiful. The valves aren't my favorite, but for the price, this is the best flugel. I mean, heck, for less than 2-3K, this is by far the best option.

Geat Horn, Great Company, Great Owner
Written by Steve on 29th Nov 2013

I spent a lot of time researching budget Flugelhorns and finally bought one of these horns. Trent was amazing with service, shipping and integrity. The horn is an amazing deal, worth every penny and more and Austin Custom Brass is a great company to deal with.

Excellent value
Written by Daniel Simmons on 15th Nov 2013

After taking some time off the horns for a few years, I decided to jump back in and start playing some again. I have a degree in music, but playing is just a hobby for me now and a way to earn a few extra bucks here and there, at Christmas, and Easter. This horn is perfect for someone like myself who is a good player, but doesn't do it for his day job and doesn't want to break the bank on a horn. It's a great student horn, too. I was a bit skeptical when I purchased this instrument, but I am very satisfied with it. It's warm, very responsive, and it plays in tune. It sounds like butter. I've played flugelhorns that were far more expensive that I did not like as much as I like this one. Trent doesn't sell junk. That's why I just ordered one of his new "Brasspire" trumpets (another awesome value). Give this flugel a shot.

Great value
Written by Dave Lawrence on 6th Oct 2013

I bought this flugelhorn this past summer. Just the right sound, warm, buttery. I upgraded to a Denis Wick 4FL mouthpiece and it is even more warm and buttery.

Just fantastic
Written by Lex Samu on 29th Jul 2013

Why would I wan't another that I'd pay 3 -5x as much for? Maybe if I was Kenny Wheeler , Guido Basso, or Roy Hargrove. Just change the mouthpiece depth and it will do whatever you want. A ridiculous value...if you are a trumpet player, just buy it becuase it's so"ll never regret it. Best, Lex p.s. - I'm a pro player

Absolute beauty for schools!!!!
Written by Scott Abbott - Rossville MHS Band Director on 19th Jul 2013

Trumpet playing band director here wanted to get a flugel for my Jazz programs but am very limited on my budget. The horn just arrived and after 30 minutes of playing I can say I am impressed beyond belief! I've been testing flugels for a while and feel like I've had to fight them to play. This is effortless out of the box and I was hitting double G's with ease. Thanks so much for your help Trent, I will be purchasing a whole set!!

Written by Mike Giannetta on 20th Feb 2013

I received my doublers flugel from the last batch, just in time for a gig. I had unloaded my Yamaha and put my faith in Trent's flugel, and I was not disappointed one bit. The intonation was GREAT, the ease of play on the horn was remarkable, and I loved the dark, smooth tone of the red brass. This horn teamed with my Denis Wick flugel piece is a great combo, and the best bang for your buck. Well worth the wait, and I'll probably never switch flugels again!

Amazing value!
Written by Frank Gephart on 12th Jan 2013

I absolutely love this horn! Plays-- and SOUNDS-- as good as flugels that cost 2 to 3 times as much! GREAT JOB, TRENT!!

Nice horn for the price
Written by Alex Rivera on 9th Jan 2013

I got this as a backup flugel for my Kanstul 1525. I sometimes have gigs where I need a flugel but don't want to take the 1525 out where bad things could potentially happen. I just got this and played a few notes and was impressed with how well in tune it played. If you're looking for a good horn on a budget or a moderately priced back up, I'd highly recommend the flugel doubler.

Couldn't be happier!
Written by Brian Rawleigh on 10th Oct 2012

Not only is the horn itself outstanding, but the service and care that Trent gave me are above and beyond what I could have expected. I play as a hobby, and the horn is exactly what I was looking for. It is solid, balanced, and smooth. And even tho I'm not a pro by any means, I was treated like one. Trent went out of his way to take care of me the whole way. If you have never dealt with Austin Custom Brass before, I encourage you to give them a try... you will be pleasantly surprised.

Good value
Written by undefined on 24th Aug 2012

This is a good, honest price for this instrument. It is everything I was looking for. It plays in tune and looks and feels great, and the "doubler" tag is accurate. When played loud it sounds a bit like a cornet, when played soft you can get that warm flugel sound. The case is a great addition, but it's a bit cheaply made. Mine has screws poking out on the inside. This horn reminds me of the Bach student model horns. It plays in tune and sounds good, but the hardware seem a bit cheap. Can't wait to see what I can do with this instrument with a better mouthpiece!

Great quality, great price
Written by Henry on 23rd Aug 2012

Awsome sounding beautiful Horn

Completely Blown Away!!!...First New Flugel in 15 years!
Written by John W. Benedetti --Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines--Lead Trumpet on 18th May 2012

I just received this flugelhorn yesterday. I pulled it out of the case and played 3 notes on it. totally blown away. I cant believe I paid such a low price for a great horn. It can really do everything and overall looks great too. If you need a flugel and not wanting to spend 1K-3K, this is it! Tone is amazing, the valve action and accuracy is seriously dead on, slotting is nice and even through the whole horn including range. Im pumped to have this horn for my next cruise ship contract! Thanks Trent! great work on the CD you included! Cheers!

Great Horn and a Super Value
Written by Lester B on 29th Apr 2012

You will not find a better horn for the price anywhere, period. this horn sounds great and blows easy. I would definitely recommend this horn to anybody looking for a Flugel for short money.

Awesome Horn
Written by undefined on 4th Nov 2011

I got this flugel to have for those situations were a trumpet sound just doesn't quite fit in. This horn is very well built, has a great sound and looks awesome! Would definitely reccomend this to anyone in the looking for a quality flugel at an affordable price.

Fantastic Value for the Money
Written by Bob Woodard on 7th Jul 2011

What can I say Trent? I was a little skeptical about buying a $400.00 Flugelhorn. Mine arrived today, the day after I got my shipping notification by the way, and I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was. I couldn't find a flaw anywhere. The valves are smooth and fast and all the slides work smooth and easy. I warmed up a bit on it and did some slow scale work to check the intonation. It is very good. It goes a little flat around high C for me but it is right on anywhere below that. Even the case is nicer than the "gig bag" that was advertised. Great job Trent! I love my new Flugelhorn!

What a great surprize !!
Written by Paul Hord on 29th May 2011

I started back playing after 26 years and I wanted to add the Flugelhorn to my new Bach Strad for my church orchastra. I couldn't afford another expensive new horn so I "settled" for the ACB Doubler Flugel. I called Bob Reeves to make me a Flugel bottom for one of my Bob Reeves rims from the 80s. He asked what kind of Flugel did I get, I told him a Trent Austin for $450.00. Bob told me I should have got a Yamaha or something more expensive. When I told him that Trent sounded great on his ACB Flugel, Bob said "Do you look like Trent Austin ? I said "no". Bob said " You aint going to sound like him either". BOB WAS WRONG. Even with the no name mouthpiece that comes with the horn I sounded greater than I ever expected. The tone is rich and in tune. I cound not be more pleased. (Except for my new Bach Strad 72 .. But that was $2,400.00 )

A very nice horn!
Written by Robert R on 1st Dec 2010

Comparable in quality to Flugelhorns that cost three times as much.

Best flugel out there for the money
Written by Tyson H on 6th Nov 2010

Great flugelhorn, intonation is no problem, horn sounds wonderful!

Awesome Flugelhorn!
Written by Mark Russo on 5th Nov 2010

WOW Trent! What a great horn. Just what I was looking for. I wanted something for Big band gigs but for also some small group jazz stuff and this horn delivered. I played some other brands of comparable price and this by far is the best. Great intonation, easy and even throughout the registers and great response.

Great Horn
Written by Scott on 5th Aug 2010

I absolutely love this horn. It plays easier and better in tune than some pro models out there. This is really great horn for the money. I don't think there is a better price for a quality horn like this.