ACB Doubler's Model Piccolo Trumpet in lacquer

Austin Custom Brass
$1,195.00 $799.99 (You save $395.01)
Weight 12.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 8.00
Shipping $35.00
Include an ACB 7PT mouthpiece
Expected release date is 28th Feb 2018

Now in stock in lacquer and we are going to honor our pre-order price until February!   The time to order one of this fabulous horns is today!


Here's a review from  8/3








Trumpet Shank

4 valve

.448 bore

stainless steel valves


Here's a video of the doubler's pic AFTER our modifications... it's pretty stellar and really, really fun to play!

FYI I played like 5 notes before this video. I was so excited to share the sounds with you all I had to run up and grab the video camera!

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ACB Doubler's Piccolo Trumpet
Written by David on 10th Feb 2018

Fantastic horn!! I was on the fence about getting this horn for quite some time. I finally decided that I'd pick one up as "training wheels", i.e. something to learn to play Piccolo Trumpet with, and then trade up to a better horn if I started playing it more. After playing this horn for a while, and letting the University professor that I take lessons with try it, I won't be needing to trade up anytime soon, if at all. Great intonation, in tune with itself, nice rich sound, and very easy to play.

Back Pressure, A thing of the past
Written by Ben on 7th Jan 2018

Finally, a piccolo that I can put some air into! The air just seems to flow through this horn with minimal resistance. Intonation is on par with most pro piccolos which, by the way, costs $2000-$4000. I can use a variety of different articulation syllables without sacrificing clarity. Overall, this is a great horn at a wonderful price!

Doublers Piccolo
Written by T. Ward on 6th Nov 2017

Best anniversary gift ever from my lovely wife! As a old has been player I have been wanting one after getting back in shape. Plays smooth and much easier than I anticipated. Playing this really helps overall intonation and technique on both horns. A must have for every trumpet player! Thanks ACB !!!

ACB Doubler's Picc
Written by Mona Seda on 1st Oct 2017

I'm a professional trumpet player who works in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. When I tried the pic I was highly impressed!!!!! It is nicely in tune and plays wonderfully, especially with your awesome ACB mouthpiece!!!! (I tried my old mouthpiece, which is a Schilke 14B but the sound is much thinner and less in tune). Josh was very helpful in selecting the best horn for me to buy and his patience and expertise paid off. Trent who owns ACB was very pleasant and made sure it was sent to me right away. Thank you for your awesome job on a very affordable little horn!!! I will definitely recommend this baby.

Written by Michael on 3rd Aug 2017

This horn plays great! I put it through the tests playing both sides Bb/A. Both play great and the horn is so easy to play after playing something else that I don't have to worry about transitioning between them. This is awesome!