ACB modified Brasspire Unicorn 1000S C Trumpet with new lead pipe

$1,250.00 $965.00 (You save $285.00)
Weight 14.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Shipping $30.00
Expected release date is 2nd Apr 2018

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One of the super finds at the 2014 NAMM was this incredible playing Brasspire Unicorn C Trumpet in silver plate.   We have now taken these and improved it one step further with our PVA and brand new custom  leadpipe  series .   Since this is our prototype  there's a bit of plating loss on  the slide leg and also a raw brass pipe installed onto the horn.    The super price reflects this.



Our custom leadpipe ACB  GFY-2 features:

Yellow brass material

.352 venturi

vintage Bach Facing

set up for .100  gap with ACB  mouthpiece

The benefits overall greatly improves intonation,  efficiency,   facilitates a richer timbre and eveness in tone. 


It features a Large .462 Bore, Red Brass Bell with nice semi-flat bead,  and great slide rings.  

This is IMO the perfect C trumpet for the occasional player,  1st C for the student,  or someone who doesn't want to deal with all the alternate fingerings needed to make a traditional C  trumpet play in tune.   This horn is really incredible.


These horns are pre-orders only but you can reserve a spot in line with an order today!





Here's a review from  6/26/15  about this instrument (thanks so much for the review Les!) :


"Intonation is better than most and it is an excellent purchase for my intent to use it for church/quintet performance. Still going through my mpc bag looking for a "perfect" match for this horn but after playing it for a couple of days, I'm very happy to have purchased it. Thanks ACB! "


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Brasspire Unicorn 1000S C
Written by Stuart Combie on 8th Sep 2017

I purchased the stock horn in the video from ACB. You can't go wrong for the price asked. A fun horn to play. Tone is good, pitch is good, valves are good, a perfect horn for the occasional C trumpet player without breaking the bank.

Written by Ivan on 11th Jun 2017

I've been playing in a community orchestra the past few years and was in the market for a well-playing, but affordable C trumpet. My colleague recommended that I check out Brasspire, which brought me to Austin Custom Brass' page. I bought the Brasspire C trumpet with ACB leadpipe and am happy with the sound and tone so far! Plays fine on my Bach 3C, but will likely be trying a few different mouthpieces in the near future.

Brasspire C Trumpet w/ACB leadpipe
Written by Larry Smithee on 28th Apr 2017

This is a great C trumpet. It far exceeded my expectations. Given its price range it is perfect for those of us who need a C trumpet only occasionally. Regardless, even if one needed a C very often this would still be a fantastic choice. It plays exceedingly well.

Fantastic C trumpet
Written by Josh on 16th Jul 2016

This is a GREAT horn! Easy to play, good projection, very good intonation, and a rich and brilliant sound with a lot of overtones. I was impressed with the stock Brasspire C, but the ACB pipe turned a good horn into a fantastic horn. Trent and the ACB sales team are the best!