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Here’s a super cool one-of-a-kind  Adams A4LT  we had made for our 3rd-annual Adams ACB  Brass day!   It’s in stock and we could ship it immediately.



It has a custom “Antique”  finish with brushed nickel slides and brushed lacquer inner bell.  The horn is absolutely stunning and plays even better than it looks!   

The A4LT, developed with Amik Guerra, is the lightweight version of the popular A4 with modern design. It combines the free response and big concentrated sound of the A4 with weight saving specifications. A lighter mouthpiece receiver is accompanied by lighter braces and a lighter valve section. Also the instrument has a smaller bell with French bead, 126 mm compared to the 140 mm of the A4. The instrument plays very lively and feels very open while playing, giving the player a confident feeling.


 Bell: Yellow Brass - 126 mm
 Bore: L (.470 Bore)
 Finish: custom (see pics) 
 Gauge: 045 Yellow brass

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SKU: AD A4LT 431 antique
Weight: 5.00 LBS
Width: 24.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 12.00


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