Adams A9 Trumpet Large Bore Selected series in stock!

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SKU AD A9 LB x9831
Weight 12.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 12.00
Shipping $35.00

Adams a9 Trumpet Selected model

.50 thickness bell

Copper lacquer

Large Bore


 Price reduced! There are 2 small cosmetic issues on this horn from the factory. One is a small ping on the receiver (see close-up pic). The other is a small lacquer mark on the bell. Neither affects how the horn plays! Save some money on a brand new horn  that plays beautifully!


Many of our clients have been asking to take the classic design concept of the Martin trumpets of the mid-20th century and fix some of the issues on these horns (i.e. not optimal intonation, slotting, and narrow sound color options). The result after much prototype work came one this model. We do offer this in two bore options, a .453 (11.51) medium bore and a .468 (11.89) Large bore. The horn for sale here is the large bore!
(Adams Selected Model: .50 Yellow Brass Bell, Copper lacquered)




Pitch Bb
Bore L .468" (11.9 mm)
Bell 1 piece
Bell diameter L 5"(127 mm)
eadpipe 9.2
Receiver Fixed Receiver
Valves 3 x top center stainless steel
Bell Thickness 0.50 MM - 


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