Adams All-New F5 Flugelhorn with gold brass bell

$3,495.00 $2,815.00 (You save $680.00)
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SKU AD F5 GB 290
Weight 15.00 LBS
Height 17.00
Width 26.00
Depth 15.00
Shipping $35.00

All-New Adams F5 Flugelhorn in polished lacquer with Gold Brass Bell (.55 thickness)


Slightly discounted as the horn has a tiny scratch on the horn  about 1/3 inch in length near where you put your right hand....   hence the hefty discount we are offering on this instrument. (I will attach a picture shortly).


Adams f5


We have been waiting for one of these for some time and are probably the only dealer in the States with one.

We have sold a few but this is our first one for the ACB showroom.

Check out this cool horn.

 direct air flow valves with short throw, etc. The REAL deal!


Here's a video of f5 (this video is with a copper belled model) horn in action.... it sounds better in person than on this raw, un-edited video clip!


My Funny Valentine on the Adams f5

Even though I am feeling pretty yucky today and under the weather I wanted to share this video of the fantastic Adams F5 Flugelhorn with full Copper Bell. It sounds really sweet! Un-edited video with no audio processing at all. Listen/watch in HD for best quality.

Posted by Austin Custom Brass on Saturday, October 31, 2015

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