Adams F1 Selected Series Flugelhorn with Red Brass & Nickel Silver bell in clear lacquer

$3,200.00 $2,800.00 (You save $400.00)
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Weight 15.00 LBS
Height 25.00
Width 26.00
Depth 17.00
Shipping $30.00

Here's a very classic Flugelhorn from our friends at the Adams Corp! Brand new from the factory with my favorite bell material. The Red brass gives you a dark and warm sound, while the nickel silver flare adds clarity to the articulations and thickness to the sound! As much as I like the antique finish, the clear finish is nice because you can see all the different materials.




(lightweight with lighter valve block)

.50mm Red Brass Nickel Silver bell

160mm diameter flare

Polished Clear Lacquer 


This is a brand new horn that arrived from Adams 11/13/17



The F1 flugelhorn has a ML bore of 10.5 mm and a standard 400 gram brass valve section. 

An absolute all-round flugelhorn, suitable for every type of player and styles of music.

The F1 is the very first model made in the brass factories of Adams Musical Instruments.





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