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Antoine Courtois  155 Flugelhorn in polished lacquer

One of the richest and warmest flugelhorns on the market!



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The AC155 Professionel Series features a .413-inch bore and direct air column design through the valveblock. The AC155 also features a 6.6-inch bell plus 1st and 3rd valve slide triggers for easy intonation adjustment.

  • Key of Bb
  • .413" bore
  • 6.6" bell in yellow  brass
  • Monel valves; Vertical valve slides with 1st and 3rd valve slide triggers; Direct air column design through valveblock
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SKU: AC155-1-0 Courtois
Weight: 15.00 LBS
Width: 24.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 12.00


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