Austin Custom Brass Acrylic Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops

$95.00 $74.99 (You save $20.01)
Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 4.00 (in)
Width 4.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
Shipping $5.00
Finish Required

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Synthetic,  hypoallergenic,  denser than delrin,  beautifully sounding mouthpiece tops 


Available in standard blank only.




All threaded tops are compatible with Warburton threaded components, pretty much now the "standard" in the industry.


All Austin Custom Brass trumpet mouthpieces are made in the US  with the absolute best tolerances in the industry:


Call Josh at the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to order!

+1-781-944-6247  x700

Send an email to


  Please review the Comparison sheet for size equivalencies.  Note that every manufacturer measures in slightly different places so the closest equivalent is for broad comparisons only.   I added some more detailed descriptions for each cup.  




   All custom orders run 6-9 weeks from payment and must be paid in full before the order is made. 


  Austin Custom Brass trumpet mouthpieces are made in the US  with the absolute best tolerances in the industry:




Product Reviews

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3CS Acrylic
Written by Mark on 14th Oct 2018

I had some specific needs for this mouthpiece top. The crew at ACB was great, answering questions and directing me to the right mouthpiece. It's fantastic! Thanks!

Acrylic mouthpiece top
Written by Murray Gordon on 16th Sep 2018

Perfect match to the brass.

Outstanding mouthpiece
Written by Steven on 23rd Jun 2018

Due to a metal allergie, I replaced my standard TA1 with its acrylic version mounted on an heavy backbore. I have got the same feeling on the trumpet. Exactly what I needed. Many thanks to Josh for his perfect advices and kind support!

Acrylic top
Written by Steven Heitzer on 1st Apr 2018

Softer feel on my face, without sacrificing a great sound and intimation!

Acrylic Mouthpiece Top
Written by Robert Kerr on 3rd Nov 2017

What a great mouthpiece top. It's perfect for those of us with metal allergies, and it is extremely comfortable. It also helps me get that warm, dark sound I'm looking for with my large bore Adams A9. Awesome!

Clear acryllic top
Written by Steven Heitzer on 27th Oct 2017

Great mouthpiece. Comfortable rim, especially on tired chops. Somehow softer in feel than metal...but more brilliant sound than any other non-metal mouthpiece I've tried.

ABC Acrylic Mouthpiece Top
Written by Jon Nickol on 27th Sep 2017

I really like Trent's new Acrylic Top. I chose the 7B for my needs. It gives me the sound I'm looking for and the rim is really comfortable. I also really liked the feel of the acrylic surface and it fit perfectly on my Warburton stem. Cool colors too! Highly recommend this top if you're looking for something a little different!

Acrylic tops
Written by Brandyn on 9th Aug 2017

I have a silver allergy which makes trying out new mouthpieces expensive. I found ACB and gave them a try because the prices were so competitive. It's ended up being the best decision I could've made. I've got two acrylic tops and the heavy backbore to help with sound loss from the acrylic. I haven't noticed any loss in sound yet and don't think I ever will. I have no problem playing the acrylic pieces and will definitely be ordering a piccolo piece and possibly a C piece in the future.

pretty good for sore chops or cold weather
Written by undefined on 3rd Dec 2016

The item came as described except for faded white letting, but no big deal on that. Definitely got a great deal from Black Friday/Cyber MOnday sales. I've found ACB designed rims to be far more comfortable for me; if you like Bach designs, Trent's classic sizes can be quite an improvement.

Delrin top - top notch
Written by Al on 5th Dec 2015

Recently purchased a Delrin top cut to a MV3CB , similar to the regular mouthpiece top I already have. True to form, it is a great addition to my mouthpieces, especially for playing outside in cooler/cold weather.