Better than New 1955 Conn Connstellation 28B overhauled by Charlie Melk!

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SKU UTPT 1955 Conn 28B Connstellation
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 12.00
Shipping $30.00

This is the unicorn of Constellations. Only made from 1950 through 1955, the Constellation 28B is a medium large (.458) bore lightweight Bb trumpet with a lacquered brass, not nickel plated, finish. In my opinion, it may be the finest trumpet Conn ever made. The 28B is a  super versatile horn, able to be used anywhere from classical to lead playing, all with a big core of sound.


SN of 519xxx puts this one as a 1955 model, the last year for the 28B. 




1955 28B


This trumpet was overhauled by one  the best in the business, Charlie Melk.

He disassembled the horn to relieve stress on the braces and to get it completely straight, polished it to a better than new finish, and relacquered it.

He also did a valve alignment, and though he had the go ahead to redo the valves, he said the valves were great as is.  They have very good compression and feel amazing.


Here's a video of the horn with two different mouthpieces:




Charlie has a  VERY  long waiting list, and his lacquer overhauls start at $925.


Skip the wait and get this one in as-restored condition!



No case or mouthpiece is included.



The following info is from the fantastic  Conn Loyalist  site...  this is a horn that should be  played and since I only play Adams instruments these days I want to find it a home.


The Connstellation 28B has a first slide trigger like the later Connstellation 38B. It has nickel trim, but isn't nickel plated like the 38B. The Connstellation 28B has a slightly smaller bell at 5" as opposed to 5 1/8" for the later 38B, and is a #1½ (0.459") bore in stead of the 38B's #1 (0.438") bore. In an interesting quirk, the first valve slide is a 0.480" bore, a feature it shares with the (post-war) 2B New World Symphony and the 8B Symphony Grand. This might also explain where Conn derived the model number: 2B+8B=28B. The 28B Connstellation was produced from 1949 through 1955.

A discussion on the Trumpet Herald forum gives this piece of information: "Around 1952 the position of the braces changed. Pre-1952 the bell brace was behind the tuning slide brace. After 1952 this configuration was reversed so that it was ahead. The leadpipe was moved a bit further downstream. Perhaps this was done to shorten the overall length of the horn so that it fit in the case a little better. It had been a tight wall-to-wall fit and probably caused bell damage when the case was accidently dropped on its end."

What Conn said: 
The Connstellation is a brand new trumpet in a medium bore, with large one-piece bell thinned at edge and a new mouthpipe with a unique taper, resulting in a remarkably solid and compact tone of great resonance. Although the tone is big and full it has characteristic trumpet brilliance. Tones start with the least effort. Has just the right amount of resistance for good control. 
Complementing the musical excellence of this great new trumpet is Conn's new, patented and exclusive top spring valve. There's nothing to compare with the Connstellation. Try it and you'll agree!

What Conn said in 1955: 
Here's everything the finest trumpet artist can want. Built in medium-large bore, in Bb and A, its uniquely balanced taper mouthpipe and bell design aids in easy response and accurate intonation, and provides unusual resonance and flexibility. Precision lapped slides permit instant and accurate adjustment while playing. Patented and exclusive top spring Clickless Crysteel valves are lightning fast, quiet, positive. Length 21¼" weight 2 pounds, 10 ounces; bell diameter 5". In beautiful plush lined two tone tan and rawhide vinyl covered case (top grain leather bound), with mouthpiece and music lyre. Highly polished brass, beautifully nickel trimmed, clear lacquered.




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