ACB  Moving day sales and  in-shop  schedule  updates!

Wow! Another tremendous day in the shop. The turnout blew me away and your support has been just astounding these past two Saturdays. Today was so great as I could stay the whole day and felt like it was lovely catching up with all of you! Incredible support, friendship, music, laughs, fun, and a few tears as well. I don't really know how I am feeling at this point. In so many ways I am excited for the move and new adventures but I am losing so (!!!) many friends it does break my heart. I want you all to know just how much you have meant to me (and my employees) throughout the years. Yes it might be a chapter closing here in the Boston shop but I promise ACB is always here for you be it in the Boston shop or our new KC location.

Thank you to all of you who came out these past few weeks and make all the work we do worth it.

For the next two weeks the shop is open via scheduled appointments only as my staff is going to be feverishly packing, organizing, cleaning, calling clients, and prepping for the big move. I am going to be on a 10-day performing and clinic tour (my "other" job) but will be around via email albeit maybe a bit slower replying than I normally do!

Big, big, BIG hugs of love to you all!