Big news at ACB!

Okay... time to spill the beans.

This has something honestly I have been hoping to happen for years (since the open of my shop in 2010) and today I can announce we are an official dealer for the world-class Schagerl Instruments! We have placed our first order for some amazing instruments and will be launching the official shop page for these horns shortly.

One of our biggest missions here at ACB is to have IMO the finest quality instruments at a wide tier of price ranges. Schagerl's rotary instruments are I think the finest instruments in the world. Their passion and commitment to quality is astonishing (I toured the factory this fall and was so impressed with their work). I am very proud to own a few in my own personal collection and now am even more excited to have the opportunity to help the brand grow even more in the US.

Their Academia line and Signature line is also extremely impressive and I am so excited for this journey. We have quite a bit of work to do on our end in terms of our web store (and have been working on this for a bit)

Big thanks to my friend Karl Schagerl for taking a chance with our shop and also thanks to pals Jack Burt and Thomas Gansch for their invaluable help!

If you have been on the fence about these instruments and wanted to order one contact us today.