Brasspire Unicorn 900H Heavy Trumpet

$1,099.99 $849.99 (You save $250.00)
Weight 12.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Shipping $35.00
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Heavy Brasspire 900H trumpet. This is a mind-blowing entry-level professional horn priced very fairly.



BPTR-900H (Bb Trumpet)
”Brasspire 916” style Heavy weight Trumpet
Designed by Kei Aruga(Chief engineer of MAC corporation JAPAN)

・Tuning :Bb
・Bore size:11.7mm(ML)
・Bell size:128mm
・Short type Yellow brass leadpipe
・Two piece Yellow brass bell
・Heavy type Two piece Valve casing (Top: Nickel silver, Bottom: Yellow brass)
・Special shaped Main tuning slide
・Heavy type Mouthpiece receiver
・Heavy type Top & Bottom caps
・Special shaped Piston buttons
・Stainless pistons
・Vertical 3rd slide stop
・Main,1st,3rd finger Rings
・Amado type water key (Only main tuning slide)
・Clear lacquered finish OR Bright silver plate
・w/ Semi-hard case (Styrofoam case, Shoulder or Backpack)
・w/ J.Michael mouthpiece (MTP-5)

・Similar style with our Top grade Trumpet “Brasspire 916”, but high cost-performance model.
・Special shaped Main tuning slide and some Heavy weight parts, it produces a weighty tone, but it is easy to blow and has a bright sound.
・Good for both Jazz and Classic players 






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Brasspire Unicorn 900H
Written by Malik on 17th Nov 2017

For any potential buyer who is skeptical about the Brasspire Unicorn 900H. Don't be!!!! The horn is absolutely amazing. Very free blowing, much less resistance than my previous horn. The valves are very quick, as are the tuning slides. The horn is also beautiful. For a comeback jazz player such as myself the horn can literally be used on anything. Also the buying experience with Austin Custom Brass was simply amazing. Josh answered all of my questions. From horn and mouthpiece recommendations, to the finish of the horn he answered every question. He was patient with me and never made me feel like a burden. Nor did he make me feel pressured to purchase anything. So if you are on the fence about purchasing this horn, take the plunge you will not regret it.

Works for me
Written by Brad Niemi on 24th Apr 2016

I also thought this horn may be too "dark" for the gigs I do (13 piece funk/r&b/rock) band, so Trent posted a video playing the horn in that style. Sounded like it would work (of course Trent is an incredible player), so I bought one. Used it last night on a gig, and it works....well! Good projection, great build quality, really nice horn. And not just "nice for the money"; if someone had handed me this horn and not told me the price, I would have guessed it cost at least in the Bach/Schilke/Yamaha price range, or higher. I think this is a horn that will increase in price as people discover how good it really is. And ACB, as usual, is GREAT to do business with!

Terrific Horn!
Written by Greg Urquhart on 11th Nov 2013

Heavy = dark-sounding......HA! NOT!! (After about 10 hours of playing time) I am very pleased with the SOUND of the Brasspire Heavy Unicorn. The horn does everything I want it to, and lets me do it easily. It is very responsive, and can be VERY powerful. From very mellow to bright, I can color the sound. Ergonomically, the horn is easy to hold and play. Fast valves and slick slides. And it looks good, too. A tremendous value for the money. Many thanks! Greg in TX

A Diamond in the rough
Written by Allain Stummer on 11th Nov 2013

After reading ACB's great review and listening to a video of Trent playing the Brasspire heavy trumpet, I was initially convinced that this trumpet could be a winner. Trent picked one he thought I would like and sent it with the condition that If I was not satisfied, I could send it back. All I can say is that the heavy Brasspire is amazing. Fit and finish is first quality. Sound and feel is as good as any pro horn costing 4x the price. Intonation is excellent. Valves are super fast. This is a great back up horn to take on a gig or a rehearsal and not worry. Also, a fabulous horn for a comeback player to doesn't want to blow his bank account. Besides, it almost looks like a Monette, if you don't look too closely. You will not be disappointed especially at this price.