Bremner Whisper On-Stage Mute

$75.99 $65.99 (You save $10.00)
Weight 4.00 LBS
Height 4.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
Shipping $6.00

Whisper on stage mute for trumpet



A  great new option for practice and PERFORMING mutes! 

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Here's what I heard from Betty when I asked her about these new mutes:


"The new 'whisper' mute is an on stage mute ---which enables players (brass
bands/orchestras/concert bands) to play quietly without altering the 'type
of sound' 
One of our sons conducts a brass band here in New Zealand and recently had
all his cornet team using the mutes in a particular piece of music which
required very quiet playing. Also there are orchestral works such as Rite of
Spring which need these type of mutes.
However having said they are for on stage work there is no reason why they
still couldn't be used for practice. Just louder."

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I hate practice mutes... But
Written by James Looney on 7th Dec 2014

this is by far the best one. It has much less back pressure, isn't stupidly heavy, and is still in tune. Plus the sound is kinda cool, and doesn't sound like a trumpet with a cork in the leadpipe. It's a great mute, and the service from ordering here could not be better.

Better than the SHH practice mute!
Written by Joe V on 5th Jun 2013

I travel for business, so trying different practice mutes for when I am in the hotel is a must. I have used a few different options, most recently the bremer shhh practice mute. The problem I find with every single one of these is TOO MUCH BACK PRESSURE! When Trent advertised this particular mute, I had to give it a shot. Well, this one is different. Since it is made for performance, with the benefit of being really quiet, the resistance is noticeably less than with the other shhh mute I have. It is a little louder, but it feels more like playing with an open bell than anything I have tried before. Granted, its not EXACTLY like an open bell, but close enough where I am not altering my playing because the mute is pushing back on me. I played it last night in the same room as my dog (who howls if I ever try to play in the same room as her) and she just laid down and took a nap. No problems there! Good product! I am glad I found it!