While the Adams hornet is back at the Adams Factory getting a bit of TLC I had Ian whip up a worthy substitute horn for my noodling. This was an ugly, tarnished, LA Olds Super model with the weird "Olds" taper (similar to an American Taper flugel) length cornet receiver. We took off the old receiver, tweaked the leadpipe a bit, installed one of our ACB receivers, and then cleaned and aligned the horn. The result is a super sweet and versatile horn! Thanks to my pal Doug M for the original idea on a Martin he did years ago.


Once the Hornet comes back to the shop this "hornet, jr." will be available for purchase.

Ian did a marvelous job with the work and we actually might do this to another Olds Super we have in stock as well.


Sold with no case or mouthpiece.  Please see video below for a glimpse into this horn's versatility! 




Current Stock:
Weight: 6.00 LBS
Width: 24.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 12.00
Shipping Cost: $30.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


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Fantastic Horn

Amazing and versatile! I've been considering buying this since Trent first listed it. Bought a cheaper Ebay Cornet and looked into converting it, but it just wouldn't do the job. This horn sounds great, plays great (well at least as well as my limited skills will allow it to play). I'm amazed by the range of sounds I can get from this horn. It's incredibly versatile. It can sound pretty true on Baroque lines. Using my vintage Bach %B it gets a great Jazz solo and section sound. Matched with ACB TA1FX you get that dark Chet Baker, almost Flugelhorn type sound. Incredibly dark! With an ACB 5 it has a nice full lead sound. This is becoming my primary horn. I could play full gigs with just this, but I still loving giving Improv time to my ACB Do.ublers Flugel. Thanks, Trent and ACB for creating this amazing instrument