Fresh from the 2018 ITG the New Puje Trumpet (ACB Exclusive) in raw brass

$1,350.00 $1,175.00 (You save $175.00)
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Shipping $25.00

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We are extremely honored and happy to be the first official dealer for Brent Peters amazing Puje  Instruments!


 We received the last two of these with the Carol Brass Valve Blocks directly from  Brent Peters at the 2018 ITG  conference.   These will not last long so order yours today!


(Please note we will  also be selling his Getzen version in a few months if you want to pre-order send us an email!)







From Brent:

"The late Bobby DeNicola is the creator of the Puje, (pronounced pudgy).  He devised a way to build a hybrid horn from stock trumpet and cornet parts.  His horns were reasonably priced and played well, but retained a certain hand-built aesthetic.  One unique feature of the Puje is a thumb-controlled tuning slide that tunes the whole horn.

There is no documentation on the horns he built.  They were built one at a time using mostly Blessing parts.  I am not sure there are any two that are identical and the design was constantly evolving. No dates or serial numbers were recorded and there is no firm number as to how many were produced.  He also issued a number of Puje 2 instruments.  As with the Puje there is no recorded nformation about this horn.

I saw the merit of Mr DeNicola's design and purchased the Puje trademark in 2014.  I had to start from ground up to recreate this unique horn  and now once again they are being built one at a time by me in my small shop in Portland, Oregon.

There are only two things that i feel are requirements when I create a Puje: first, it has to be pudgy, second it must have a whole horn tuning slide.  After that, there really are no limits.  Just like Bobby, I will continue to experiment with the Puje design to bring you a fun and innovative instrument." 


Here's a video of me playing the Puje!



The all new PUJE® is now in production.  With this model we honor Bobby's desire to offer an economical way to add one more horn to your collection.  Brent has found a way to provide a hand built horn for just over $1000 and still offer quality components I can stand behind.  Carol Brass is recognized as a leading manufacturer of quality parts and is my source for everything but the receiver, leadpipe and main tuning crook, which are made in the US.  Each horn is still hand assembled by me in Portland.  


SOLD with no case or mouthpiece


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Written by Steve Mejia on 23rd Jun 2018

What a sweet horn! Love it! Thanks to Josh Mcdonald and Trent for making this happen. The sound is amazing! You uave gained a lifelong customer. Brent Peters has done an amazing job building these horns.