Introducing the ACB GEN II One-piece trumpet mouthpieces in silver plate

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 GEN 2  1pc

For 6 years I have been waiting for this moment and it's finally here!   A fully 100% in-house made mouthpiece!


We are beyond excited to proudly present the ACB Gen II trumpet mouthpieces.

Available in standard blank,  modern, and slug (modern and slug special orders only and might add to the build time)


Why go to a new series of mouthpieces?


It's simple:   We can control every aspect of manufacturing.  No more delays via suppliers and platers (we are doing plating as well and  plating is guaranteed for life based on normal wear). We can easily edit and  make custom pieces quickly.    Our tolerances are superb,  our quality control is meticulous since we now can control every single piece.    Engraving is simple,  easy to read.  


As of 2/25 we have good stock of 1c, 1.25CS, and 3C  in the GEN II  line.  Other pieces are at plating now and coming soon! 
Minimum wait time for these pieces will be 3 weeks if it's not yet built.



Here's a quick comparison chart of our new Gen II one-piecers.   We are currently working on SolidWorks renderings and those will be up shortly as well. 


1C:  This is my take on an older Bach 1C but improved throat blend into the bowl (which is large).  It feels significantly more efficient and sounds more energized while maintaining a rich core throughout the registers.  


1.25CS:  This is one of my most popular pieces in the ACB  line and features a traditional 1.25 rim and modified CS  style bowl.  It  also has a much more efficient entrance into the throat.  It helps the articulation and adds a lively "zip"  to the sound.   It is especially good on vintage trumpets or overly dark horns to make them "speak". 


1.5R:   Similar to the 1.25C  in cup design except with a  bit more crispness overall this is a great 1 1/2 diameter offering we recently launched and is very popular. 


3C:    A take on a fantastic  Bach (from the late 60's)  3C  which I have never played a 3C  like it.   I think the added mass and proper matching backbore for this piece make this a formidable  all-around mouthpiece!


3S:    A shallow bowl mouthpiece with my Gen II  3C  rim.  This produces wonderful efficiency and is fantastic for players who would like more zip and pop but prefer staying on larger diameter pieces. 


TA-3:  Many people have asked for a  larger diameter version of my popular Gen I  TA-1 mouthpiece (the first mouthpiece I ever designed on CAD software).   This is a streamlined version of that piece with a bit more efficiency. To me it's a "game-changer" for my playing as it is capable of a huge amount of tonal colors and depth.   This is bound to be a hugely popular piece in the line and we hope you check out the video above of the TA-3.   Check out a clip of the TA-3  in action. 



TA-4:  A high compression piece similar to my popular TA-Z (Zing!)  but with a slightly deeper cup and more relaxed entrance into the shallow bowl  which will help people who tend to "Bottom out" on shallower pieces.


TA-Z:  The TA-Z (or "Zing") might be one of the most comfortable commercial mouthpieces I've designed that can still maintain a beautiful sound from Pedal C to Double C and above.   It features a .625 diameter with a medium flat rim and shallow  hybrid V/S cup.  




Call the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to place an order! +1-781-816-9664


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Adams A9 Large Bore Trumpet
Written by Larry Pitcher on 18th Apr 2017

Having played a number of older Martin Committees, which can be inconsistent in quality and playability, I decided to go for the Adams A9 "clone". Knowing the consistent quality of Adams, I took the leap of faith—and I am so glad I did. This is not only a beautiful instrument, it is a joy to play. The large bore (.468) gives it an easy blow but not over exerting. What I really love is the tone quality. It is rich from the bottom to the top. I feel that this instrument can be used for a wide variety of styles, not just jazz. Adams, you pulled it off!!

Austin 3DS trumpet mouthpiece
Written by Larry Pitcher on 18th Apr 2017

First of all, it's always a pleasure to do business with Trent Austin. He is not only totally professional but super helpful and understanding. I just received a 3DS model mouthpiece. It is a fairly shallow piece but because of the mass, it still gets a full and non-strident sound. The rim is very comfortable and aids in flexibility.