Manchester Brass Large Bell Pocket Trumpet in polished lacquer

$799.99 $559.99 (You save $240.00)
Weight 10.00 LBS
Height 16.00 (in)
Width 18.00 (in)
Depth 10.00 (in)
Shipping $20.00

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Manchester Brass Pocket Trumpet





ACB  is the sole US Distributor of these amazing horns



This horn plays and sounds like a real trumpet.


 Full size 4.84-inch  Gold Brass trumpet bell 

 Yellow brass tubing 

 Stainless Steel Valves - super smooth, free, and FAST!

Lightweight valve  trim in nickel silver

traditional waterkeys (which I far Prefer over Amado style keys)

Bore .460 ML


Superb lightweight semi-rigid hard cordura case and mouthpiece included! 


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Product Reviews

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Great Product instrument really plays
Written by Robert Barron on 26th Jul 2018

I can't stress enough that this is a real trumpet. It is not just a toy, it really plays. It has stellar intonation. Included is a case with a strap and backpack straps. Trent went so far as to come to the shop on his day off to ship it out early. Thanks Trent! Hope KC is treating you well. Thanks again, highly recommend this pocket trumpet.

Manchester Large Bell Pocket Trumpet
Written by Ken Watson on 15th Jul 2018

Great playing little trumpet, and the full size bell gives a great sound and easily fits in mutes. The slides and valves work great. Perfect for packing on the bike on trips, and using the Bremner Sshh Practice Mute makes great practice in hotels or apartments while traveling.

A great tool
Written by Brad Yamamoto on 24th Feb 2018

The Manchester pocket trumpet has been a great tool for me. Having a full time job not related to music, being a father to 2 daughters and caring for a pregnant wife, finding practice time can be a huge challenge. I have been able to use this trumpet to practice in my car on my lunch and while I wait for my kids after school. Much better than trying to use a practice mute while everyone else is sleeping. The horn feels good, sounds great and perfect for travel.

Exceeded my expectations!
Written by Dan Buhring on 28th Dec 2016

I bought this Trumpet for the sole purpose of being able to practice while on vacations. I anticipated an instrument that was more of a "for lack of better words" toy! What I received was a beautifully made full fledged Trumpet!! The sound that this pocket Trumpet puts out is amazing. Nice valve action and a great case too!! I am super pleased with my new travel companion. Couple it with a silent brass system and I can play anywhere I want. Would definitely buy again from ACB, nice job guys and great horn too!!

Best I've owned so far
Written by Lex Samu on 3rd Jul 2015

Better than my old Benge and Carol Blackhawk with heavyweight valve caps.. It is the closest to a full size trumpet that I have played so far and I like it more and more each day. I am just heading out to a jazz recording session now and all I'm taking is this pocket! Amazing value in this horn folks!

Astounding Sound
Written by Jonathan on 6th Jun 2015

I tried this beast at ITG2015. Man, was I shocked at the immediate, in-your-face response of this horn. It is solid, easy to hold, and does it ever sing!

Mind Blower
Written by Randall on 10th Feb 2015

I had no experience with Manchester Brass before, but was pleasingly astounded by this horn. It is a gorgeous, awesome-sounding, well-made, ergonomic, professional grade pocket trumpet. Nice case, too. Don't let the price fool you. IMHO, it sounds better, and is physically easier to handle than others considerably more expensive. This little beauty is the bomb!