Manchester Brass Pro Flugelhorn with gold brass Bell

$1,649.99 $1,149.99 (You save $500.00)
SKU MCB Flugelhorn Manchester
Weight 8.00 LBS
Height 12.00 (in)
Width 24.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Shipping $25.00

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This is a top of the line flugelhorn from Manchester Brass - an affordable professional-grade  horn made entirely in their factory in Taiwan. These are an excellent option for the player who needs a horn that can play with the best, but at a very reasonable price. 


The horn also features a very cool and unique hex-style trim kit on both the bottom and top valve caps.


  • Key of Bb
  • 0.433" bore
  • 6" soldered wire rim gold brass bell
  • Yellow brass leadpipe
  • Yellow brass tuning slides with nickel silver outer accents
  • Hand-lapped stainless steel valves
  • Third valve trigger

Product Reviews

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Manchester Pro Flugelhorn
Written by Bruce Vines on 9th Oct 2018

I bought this horn about a month ago and I love it. Here's what I told Trent: ***** Just wanted to let you know I received my Manchester Pro Flugelhorn yesterday (three days after I ordered it!). I’m in love. The horn is amazing! It’s no big deal spending $60 on something from Amazon, but nail-bitingly scary to spend over $1000 when you can’t see, touch, and try out before you buy from a vendor you don’t know. And the seven-day return policy (and there’s nothing wrong with it) is scary. On the front side of my purchase seven days felt like a really short amount of time to make a decision to send the horn back. You do a bunch of things, though, that helped me have the courage to press the buy button. Your YouTube videos are terrific. You come across as just a regular guy and after five or six videos I felt like I was dealing with a friend. I got at least a sense of what the horn could sound like. I sent a question about the horn by email and received a complete, helpful response from your staff within minutes. You shipped my horn the same day I ordered it. I received continuous email updates every step of the process until the horn was in my hands: thank you for purchasing, copies of my invoice, notice of shipping with tracking number, notice that the horn had been delivered, and a final thank you for my business. Somewhere in there you sent me one more email: another thank you for my business and the opportunity to provide feedback. So here it is. You guys are a class act. Absolutely professional. I would fearlessly and happily buy from you again. The Manchester Pro Flugelhorn is amazing. I didn’t need seven days to figure out whether to return it or not. It only took me about 30 minutes. This is simply the best instrument I’ve ever had. (You can have it back when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. ;-) There is nothing about my transaction with Austin Custom Brass that was not A++. Thank you so much. ***** I wouldn't change a single word. I still love the horn, but more importantly, I still love Austin Custom Brass (ACB). If (when) I buy another horn I will start with ACB. There are a lot of great horns, not a lot a great vendors. ACB is a terrific vendor. Thanks Trent for a terrific buying experience. Bruce Vines

The best kept 'secret' in flugelhorns
Written by Lex Samu on 31st Dec 2017

I've played flugels much more expensive, but this one just blows me away. It's like if you had a really good old Couesnon from the 60's that had super intonation and everything working perfectly. I'm a pro jazzer and play flugel a good deal. This one is very responsive to mouthpiece changes. I'm just getting ready to go to my gig tonight where I will be playing it, pretty much, the whole night at a fancy steakhouse. I have a bullet holder on my belt and I'll have 3 or 4 flugel pieces in there of different depths depending on how loud the volume gets through the night. Seriously guys, this flugel is a 'diamond in the rough'!

Manchester Brass Pro Flugelhorn
Written by R. Rutherford on 3rd May 2017

I had a question about this horn but Trent's video presentation convinced me to make the purchase. This is a really nice professional flugelhorn and Trent's service is outstanding !

Fabulous Horn, Incredible Service
Written by undefined on 8th Dec 2015

Trent Austin is truly the Olivander of brass in the Muggle world, matching the right horn with the right musician. His shop offers great service, a broad selection of trumpets, and a casual, relaxed and enjoyable buying experience.