Pre-Owned Kanstul 920 Piccolo trumpet in silver plate in mint condition!

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SKU UTPTKanstul920-hw
Weight 8.00 LBS
Height 8.00
Width 12.00
Depth 24.00
Shipping $35.00

The Kanstul 920 Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet has exceptional playability that is easy to pick up and immediately be comfortable playing. This horn is really in incredible shape! We got it as a trade-in for a customer who obviously took excellent care of his horns. It is great for symphony and chamber work and would make an excellent pit orchestra double.



For piccolo trumpet work, the Kanstul Model 920 “Custom Class” piccolo trumpet is the one to have. Whether for Handel or wedding gigs, the small bell and medium large .460″ bore give the Model 920 a full brilliant sound. Vlad Lavrik of the Russian National Orchestra likes this model, as does freelance artist/composer/arranger Alexandra M. Signor.

Adapts quickly to Bb or A. The mouthpipes included are for cornet shank mouthpieces. Includes the Gladstone case!