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This is a used Sonare Trumpet formerly owned by Big Apple Circus Frontman  Johnny Hodges


Some mods (from Fred Powell) include:

Removal of one of the braces and third stop screws

A customized fully rounded tuning slide

Some additional leadpipe tweaks.



The horn plays great but has had some dent work.

Made by B&S and has a Blackburn leadpipe this is a serious professional horn for a student price.


Sold with no case or mouthpiece



A great professional horn for jazz, pop or classical.

The Sonare TRB-900 Series Professional Bb Trumpets offer the player a high performance instruments with a big, dark sound with superb control. The BYS in its model description refers to its Bb tuning, its yellow brass construction and its silver plating. The 900 Series features a .459-inch bore with a 4.78-inch hand-hammered bell designed for optimum projection. In some circles this horn is referred to as "The Bach Killer," both a respectful tip of the hat to the leading manufacturer of professional trumpets and a confident expression of the instrument's quality.

The 900 Series features the Sonare Microlok valve system, co-invented by Tennessee trumpet designer Cliff Blackburn and Steven Wasser to provide perfect valve alignment. It also features a sterling silver Blackburn mouthpipe for a very free-blowing instrument.

Each Sonare Trumpet is also undergoes a Cryogenic Treatment, which deep-freezes the instrument to relieve stress in the metal that normally occurs during the making of the instrument. This cryogenic freeze enhances the response of the instrument, especially in the upper register and offers enhanced tonal colors to the trumpet. The Sonare TR-900B Series Professional Bb Trumpets include a case and 3C mouthpiece.
It has great pitch and response and is popular for both symphony and pop work.


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