Austin Custom Brass  Flugelhorn Mouthpieces




I have been struggling for a LONG time trying to find a flugel mouthpiece that would do what I wanted it to do.  I  have looked for two different pieces...  


1.  one for the "horn"  like darkness from a super-depth piece... in the past the ones I've played have been very challenging to keep in tune and also play any notes above the staff.


2.  A general "all-purpose"  flugel that was dark enough but yet still easy to project and cut above the staff for when I've had to play first parts on flugel.


Now available are three different depth pieces at ACB.  I can blend them really nicely with any one of my stock rims.  


Please indicate what flugelhorn you have so I can best match the shank for the instrument. 

Call the Mouthpiece Hotline with questions or to place an order! +1-781-816-9664 

you can also place an order by scrolling down and building your own model below! 


Allow 3-6 weeks for the custom builds and plating time.

Please note there are no returns on custom orders, Gold plating is considered a custom order.

Current Stock:
Weight: 1.00 LBS
Width: 6.00 (in)
Height: 6.00 (in)
Depth: 6.00 (in)
Shipping Cost: $7.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Depth *
Shank Taper *

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Flugelhorn mouthpiece review

When I received my ACB Doubler flugelhorn, I anticipated using my old Schilke 13F4 from the days when Schilke made mouthpieces to order and stamped your name in them. I tried it for a few gigs, and it just didn't feel right or let the horn play in tune with itself. I called ACB and talked with Josh, who had helped me with the flugelhorn purchase. Based on my cornet mouthpiece (Parduba 5 Harry James model) he suggested the TA Lead MDF. I am very pleased. The notes slot well, the horn is in tune all over, and I have more range than I expected, based on previous horn/mouthpiece combinations. It is comfortable, and lets me use the lower pressure/less lip in the cup technique I use with the Parduba. The sound is dark and smooth, and the playability is great.

Flugelhorn mouthpiece TAMDF

Compared to a Yamaha Bobby Shew flugel mpc this is deeper and the cup is slightly narrower. The rim is wider and flat. The transition from the rim to the cup has an edge. I'm still getting used to it. I like it.

True flugelhorn sound.

The two new flugelhorn mouthpieces sound great. They slot well with a warm rich tone. Best of all they compliment my Adams F5 and Schagerl " Killer Queen" flugelhorn.

Beautiful flugel piece!!

The flugel I play is a bit tight. I like it that way. The mouthpiece I was playing prior was also too tight and compounded the tightness into a problem. The new ACB piece is an easy blow and slots beautifully.


arrived quickly, good fit , feels great!


Comfy piece with buttery sound and rim that matches my TA-1 trumpet mpc. Thanks, Trent!

Great sound

The combination of this mouthpiece with the large copper bell on my flugelhorn is the exact sound I have been looking for. Very easy to play with a nice full sound.

Very comfortable and in tune!

I bought the 1 1/4 MDF flugelhorn mouthpiece from ACB on Trent's recommendation. I had been playing a stock 3C Flugel mouthpiece that came with my horn and was not too happy with the feel or intonation. This 1 1/4 MDF is very comfortable and easy to play. It has a very deep cup, deeper than a standard flugel mouthpiece, but somehow is better in tune, including the range from G above the staff to high C. Be sure to ask Trent about the shank size so he makes you the one that fits your horn.