Schilke E3L Eb/D Trumpet in silver plate

$4,695.00 $3,485.00 (You save $1,210.00)
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Weight 8.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 12.00
Shipping $0.00
Magnificent Eb/D trumpet.

Schilke E3L Custom Series Eb/D Trumpet with Tuning Bell
The Schilke E3L is a three-valve Eb/D tuning bell trumpet with a "D" bell and slidesoffers a tuning bell design that has a balanced resistance, outstanding intonation and even feel in all registers. This trumpet features a medium bore (.450") with medium #4 taper Eb and D bells in yellow brass and slides. The bells are M-4.5".The E3L trumpet produces a brilliant tone that blends well with orchestras and small ensembles.

The E3L has been the benchmark for comparison for virtually all other Eb trumpets in the marketplace .The tuning bell construction helps provide a balanced resistance and outstanding pitch. This instrument is the favored choice of nearly every major orchestral musician and soloist in the world today.


  • Key: Eb / D
    Bore: .450-inch
    Leadpipe: Standard
    Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass
    Bell: Interchangable #4 Taper Eb and D
    Bell Material: Yellow Brass
    Valves: Monel
    1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
    3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring
    Features: Tuning Bell Design
    Case: No
    Mouthpiece: No
    Finish: Silver (Gold Plating Available by Special Order Only)