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Introducing the new Austin Custom Brass Double Shepherd's  Crook Trumpet

Handmade completely by my friends at Adams in the Netherlands

After many years of collaborating with my friends at Adams  we finally decided to take our relationship to another level  with this new model.  Be sure to check out all the clips below to hear this horn's incredible  tonal spectrum!


How does the new Coppernicus play? Check out this video! #acb #actuallyhandmade #mv3cs #fun

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This horn is an evolution from our previous instrument,  the Hornet,  and made this much more versatile both in sound shape and efficiency.


Here are some basic specs on the horn:


Copper plated finish

Poly bore setup to maximize efficiency and volume  palette 

(overall feel is similar to a medium large horn)

5.5 inch bell with extra large flare

Double Shepherd's crook design

all-new valveblock design

recessed caps

Lightweight (lighter than a stock Bach Trumpet) and extremely well balanced in the hand.




This model will only be available for sale at Austin Custom Brass and we have  many on order.    Email us at info@austincustombrass.com  for more details and delivery schedules.





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