Very cool 1955 Buescher True Tone 400 (225) trumpet in raw brass: Fun art-deco instrument!

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SKU UTPT Buescher 400 225
Weight 6.00 LBS
Height 12.00
Width 24.00
Depth 12.00
Shipping $35.00

 Very cool  1955 Buescher  True Tone  400  (225)  trumpet in raw brass:   Fun art-deco instrument! 




Very cool horn,  just serviced and cleaned.   Good to go for many years!    Check out all the cool, distinctive features this trumpet had over modern counterparts:



Here are some very cool  tidbits on the design of the 400 series instruments:


  • Valve block is soldered direclty to the leadpipe and bell
  • Brass with Nickel Silver Trim
  • slide positioning   (check out  that all three valve slides are on one side... like Courtois  "Direct air flow column" instruments many ears later)
  • All valve slides are reversed in construction, including the 2nd!  (only other horn I have seen like that is the 1600I  Ingram trumpet by XO Jupiter
  • Bottom caps and Top Caps are internally threaded so they screw INTO the valve block, this is a feature NOT found on my trumpet models
  • Flared out bottoms of Valve Tubes
  • Highly decorative "trombone-style"  water keys
  • Bell "garland"  or extra thick beaded bell rim


Here is a  video of this horn for sale:



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